Volunteers are needed in many areas during the Corrales Harvest Festival. Sign up below. Volunteers will be notified of their schedules and areas of work.  Most shifts are 4 hours long, morning or afternoon, either Saturday, Sunday (or both!)

Participation is needed for the following areas:


Selling Hayride, Hootenanny and Wine Fair tickets at any of the admission booths placed throughout the Festival.

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Poster & T-Shirt Sales

Selling T-Shirts & Posters at any of the admission booths placed throughout the Festival.

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Pet Parade

Sunday morning beginning at 9 a.m. at Wagner’s Farm. Purpose is to keep the parade moving, and animals and owners confined to the middle of the street. After the parade participation in other areas is needed.

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Wagon Master

Wagon Masters man each tractor stop and also assist people on and off the wagons, as well as answering questions.

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Food Court

Volunteers working the Food Court seated area keep the area clean and trash picked up and properly deposited.

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Kid's Zone

Kids events are at the Corrales Elementary School and will be advised by the event coordinator as to where help is needed.

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Tractor Hay Wagon Conductors/Assistants

Conductors/Assistants ride on the haywagons behind the tractors and assist with exiting and entering the wagons. 
These jobs are most important as they also inform haywagon riders of what is available at each stop, and assist 
them in finding locations they are looking for.

Conductors/Assistants should wear sun protective clothing and/or hats as you will travel throughout the Village during the day. Water will be provided. 
Please note: Sometimes assistants are required to help load/unload baby buggies for people, so some lifting may be necessary.

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The Harvest Festival Hootenanny occurs the evening of the Sept 30th in the large tent on the soccer field at the Corrales Recreation Center. 
Jobs are varied and mostly involve keeping watch for safety and keeping the area clean.
Hootenanny Volunteer hours are from 6pm to 10pm on Saturday.

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